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Image [&] Narrative is a peer-reviewed e-journal on visual narratology and word and image studies in the broadest sense of the term. It does not focus on a narrowly defined corpus or theoretical framework, but questions the mutual shaping of literary and visual cultures. Beside tackling theoretical issues, it is a platform for reviews of real life examples. Each issue features three parts: 1) a thematic cluster, guest-edited by specialized scholars in the field; 2) a selection of various articles; 3) reviews of recent publications. Image [&] Narrative is a bilingual journal, which publishes contributions in either English or French, and which fosters cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue between linguistic and scientific traditions.



Call for Papers

Articles can be submitted any time for the 'Various articles' section. For special issues, see CFP above.
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Issues in preparation

-"Illustration et construction du récit"/"Illustration and narrative construction", ed. Carole Cambray, Université Paris Diderot [] (16.4)

-"Illustration et construction du récit"/"Illustration and narrative construction", ed. Carole Cambray, Université Paris Diderot [] (17.1)

-"Transformed by Comics: the influence of comics/BD/graphic novels on the Novel", guest editors Hugo Frey ( ) and Chris Reyns-Chikuma ( (17.2 and 17.3)

-"Artaud and Cruelty", guest editor Angelos Koutsourakis ( (17.4)

- "The Audiovisual Production of Transcultural Memory in Europe", guest editors Astrid Erll, Univ. Frankfurt ( and Ann Rigney, Univ. Utrecht ( (18.1)

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Vol 16, No 3 (2015): Photofilmic Art, part 2: Images, displays, spectators

Table of Contents

Thematic Cluster

Photofilmic Art, part 2: Images, Displays, Spectators—Introduction PDF
Brianne Cohen, Alexander Streitberger 1-3
Aesthetics of Recognition and Photofilmic Dynamics: Remembering in the Cinema of Henri-François Imbert PDF
Sébastien Fevry 4-16
Beyond the Decisive Moment: Temporality and Montage in Paul Graham’s A Shimmer of Possibility PDF
Bettina Lockemann 17-30
Living Photographs or Silent Films? The Flipbook as a Critical Object Between Tactility and Virtuality PDF
Alexander Streitberger 31-44
Reservoirs of Photofilmic Imagery: Early Collages by Astrid Klein PDF
Annette Urban 45-58
Aesthetic Dignity: Confronting the Fraught Legacy of Els Opsomer’s Senegalese Videos PDF
Hilde Van Gelder 59-72

Various Articles

Bones in Outer Space: Narrative and the Cosmos in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Its Remediations PDF
Marco Caracciolo 73-89
Imaginaire logocentrique et quête de performativité : Magic : l’assemblée PDF
Matthieu Dubois 90-99
Paul Joostens (1889--‐1960) A Gothic Dadaist’s search for spirituality PDF
Adriaan Gonnissen 100-116

Review Articles

Rayna Denison and Rachel Mizsei-Ward, eds, Superheroes on World Screens PDF
Jan Baetens 117-118
Mel Gibson, Remembered Reading. Memory, Comics and Post-War Constructions of British Girlhood PDF
Jan Baetens 119-121
Jean-Pierre Montier, dir., Transactions photolittéraires PDF
Jan Baetens 122-123
Aldo J. Regalado, Bending Steel. Modernity and the American Superhero PDF
Jan Baetens 124-125

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