“Enhanced Webcomics1”: An Exploration of the Hybrid Form of Comics on the Digital Medium

Josip Batinic


Having found their way onto the computer screens, comics soon branched into webcomics. These kept a lot of the characteristics of print comic books, but gradually adapted new unexplored modes of representation. Three relatively new ‘enhancements’ to the medium of comics are presented in this article: webcomics enhanced through the use of the infinite canvas, as proposed by Scott McCloud, those enhanced with videos and/or sound, and lastly those enhanced with interactive and ludic elements. All of the mentioned push the medium of comics into new waters, and by doing so they add new layers of meaning and modify their structure based on the make-up of the implemented features. Infinite canvas manages to lift some limitations of print comics without changing the overall feel too drastically, while animated and voiced webcomics, as well as interactive or game comics, have a much higher inclination to transgress into domains of other media and transform themselves in order to accommodate and integrate these novel foreign features.


new media; (enhanced) webcomics; intermediality; infinite canvas; animation; interactivity

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Online Magazine of the Visual Narrative - ISSN 1780-678X