Present Perfect. Time and the Uncanny in American Science and Horror Fiction of the 1970s (Finney, Matheson, King)

Fabio Camilletti



Abstract (E): This essay analyses the relationship between the uncanny and time by focusing on the notion of ‘time-slip’ as reflected in three American novels of the 1970s: Jack Finney’s Time and Again, Richard Matheson’s Bid Time Return and Stephen King’s The Shining. Through a comparative analysis of these texts, the essay inquires into the relationship of modernity with time and the past, as well as into modern paradigms of continuity and influence, and the image of the nineteenth century as divulged in popular culture.

Abstract (F): Cet article analyse le rapport entre l’inquiétante étrangeté et le temps. Il met l’accent sur le concept de ‘décalage temporal’, tel que l’illustrent trois romans américains des années 1970: Time and Again de Jack Finney, Bid Time Return de Richard Matheson et The Shining de Stephen King. L’analyse comparée de ces trois textes permettra de creuser les rapports entre modernité et temporalité, mais aussi entre modernité et passé. Elle fournira aussi l’occasion de discuter les paradigmes modernes de continuité et d’influence ainsi que l’image du 19e siècle telle que nous la présente la culture populaire.


Influence, Jack Finney, Nineteenth century, Richard Matheson, Science-Fiction, Stephen King, Time travel, Uncanny

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