This issue of RISE focuses on tissue in text(ile)s. It is the result of a workshop on text(ile)s we held in the Leuven Centre of Irish Studies (LCIS) on 9 -10 December 2016 where we discussed the links between the weaving and wearing of textile, and the representation of these in art and  anthropology,  in  archeology  and  history,  but  mainly  in  literary texts,  more  specifically poetry. As this symposium was organized by the LCIS it was conceived as an interdisciplinary research exercise, starting off with the bigger European picture, then moving to Ireland, the laboratory  where  theories  are  tested  on  Irish  history,  Irish  art,  Irish  literature. Many contributions focus on the way in which the textile motif can highlight how the material and the immaterial can be interwoven (Enright, Carson, Clutterbuck, Paterson, Coughlan, Karhio, Armstrong, Richardson) while others link textile with politics (Bryan, Duffy, Collins, Armstrong, Paterson). In the making of this issue, the women weavers have been a vast majority. Of the  fourteen  contributors  eleven  are  women, and the topics were  often women writers, women weavers or women wearers, all leading to new concepts inspired by feminine aesthetics, which tend to foreground the complex realities of textiled bodies, woven senses and colourful, intricate interactions.


Published: 2018-03-19

Opening Materials

Hedwig Schwall

i - ii


Hedwig Schwall

1 - 32


Jan Carson



Rita Duffy


A dress for Kathleen

Heather Richardson

279 - 294

Review Section

Heather Ingman, Shadia Abdel-Rahman Téllez, John Singleton, Hedwig Schwall, Eve Patten

295 - 307